Lowlites, Splitties, Thous and Millions Lowlites, Splitties, Thous and Millions
Lowlites - Splitties - Thou's - Millions

Original Minors

As they left the factory. Or as close as possible given that these cars are at least 35 years old - and most of them are 50 or more.

Original Minors have the same type of engine that they were originally built with, have the same seats and are faithful to the Morris Minor 'style'.

Notable exceptions include radios/stereos, a temperature gauge, radial tyres, and stainless steel exhaust systems to name a few. Saloons that have been converted into convertibles will also be classed as 'original' providing that the conversion has been done to match a genuine ragtop.

The original Morris Minor is an increasingly rare sight on today's roads, and I salute the enthusiastic and dedicated drivers who look after these mobile museum pieces for us. One day there might not be any left ...