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Modified Minors

Back in the 50's and 60's when modifying cars really took off, the kind of changes made were generally restricted to improving what was already on the car. Modified Minors are those that retain most of their original parts but have been uprated to improve performance, braking and comfort, but they could easily be returned back to standard. We're talking bolt-on mods here.

In the engine bay you'll still find an A-Series engine, although it may be a 1275cc unit from a Marina or Metro. Brakes are likely to be Marina or Vauxhall discs and the front shocks may have been converted to use telescopic gas shocks instead of the original lever arm hydraulic units.

The interior is likely to be almost standard, with maybe a few extra gauges on the dashboard or replacement bucket seats.

Little else will have changed and the essential character of the Morris Minor still remains.