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"The Book of the Morris Minor 1000 (All models to 1960)" by Staton Abbey

I bought this book for 10 at the 1999 Motorsport Show in Birmingham, England.It's part of the Pitman's Motorists' Library and is a detailed handbook for the owners of the 948cc Minor 1000, although there is no reason why any Minor owner shouldn't find it useful. It is an interesting look at how Minors were used and maintained back in the days when Minors were still being made. I have reproduced here several chapters that I found interesting, since most of the other chapters are simply detailed stripdown and rebuild instructions which can be found in any number of current publications (see the Books page).

Of course any companies or products mentioned in the text may not exist today and any prices listed are of course no longer valid, so take company and product refernces with a grain of salt.

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