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The Bastardised Minor Club

Minors that have been modified, customised, rodded, butchered and bastardised.

The Bastardised Minor Club (BMC) was inflicted on the New Zealand Minor scene at the 7th National Morris Minor Convention held in Rotorua in March 1996.

The BMC was set up to protect the interests of NZ Minor Modifiers - the right to 'personalise' our Minors as we see fit and not to have to listen to the sermons of The Purists.

We, The Bastardisers, will ensure that the Minor continues on well into the next century. When the pathetic bunch of sops who call themselves politicians have finally legislated old cars off the road in this country, we, the Bastardisers, will have modified and improved our Minors so that they are eco-friendly and still more than a match for modern tin cans. The woofters in 'power' will just have to put up with us on 'their' private roads.

To belong to the BMC your Minor must have been altered from its original state. You also have to prove your commitment to the Bastardisers' objectives whether by showing me pictures of your car or describing your ultimate Bastardised Minor.

The BMC does not dislike or disapprove of standard specification Minors, indeed quite the opposite applies, but it is a tongue-in-cheek two-fingered gesture to those who believe that there is no place for a modified Minor in this world.

A list of the people in the BMC and just how they've 'bastardised' their Minors can be