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Morris Minor The First Fifty Years

Written especially to commemorate the 50th birthday of the Morris Minor, this high quality hardcover book of 128 pages presents 'new' and interesting information in an easy to read format. The book details the complete history of the Minor without resorting to tables of figures and dates, as the author obviously realises that that information is now widely known and readily available.

The book includes a lot of 'new' background information on the inspiration, design and build of the Minor. Interviews with Morris Motors staff have revealed interesting details about just how difficult it must have been to get a roadworthy Minor out of the factory. The various models of Minors are covered as you would expect, with important dates highlighted, including descriptions of the features of each model variation.

There are a number of topics covered in this book that simply have not appeared in any depth in any other publication:- world-wide long-distance adventures, reminicences by notable people, and media appearances to name a few. Unlike a lot of books about the Minor, this one fully accepts the fact that Minors have been modified ever since they were first made. Post-factory are dealt with well, covering not only the 'factory approved' accessories, but the full range of customisations from bumper bars to engine transplants and eccentric one-off specials.

Motor Sport has not been forgotten, and notable Minor campaigners such as Pat Moss and Ray Brookes in the Works Minors are highlighted, along with later enthusiasts such as Nic Mann and his ultra-quick 3.5-litre Rover V8.

This is a truely excellent book for anyone interested in the life of the Morris Minor to date. There is a wealth of information and photographs of Minors in every conceivable situation. Although not the largest book on the Morris Minor, by any means, I believe it is possibly the most useful in understanding the Minor philosophy of Big Car features in a small vehicle. It's a great coffee table read and provides many new insights into the enduring affection that so many people have for this little car.

Author Ray Newell
Title Morris Minor The First Fifty Years
Publisher Bay View Books / MMOC
First Published 1997
Price 19.95
ISBN 1-870979-98-2

Tuning BL'S A-Series Engines

By David Vizard

I have few words to say about this book, but those words are "GO AND BUY THIS BOOK, NOW!"

It really is THE book you must have if you are at all interested in getting the most out of your Minors' A-Series engine. It will show you how to build everything from sweet running economical 803's to balls out 1600cc Nitrous Oxide injected grenades!

The author, David Vizard, has done just about everything there is to do with an A-Series engine, and the book covers it all - History, Power Theory, Filters, Carbs, Manifolds, Heads, Exhaust, Camshafts, Cranks, Blocks, Pistons, Fuels Injection, Nitrous Oxide, Bolt-On Mods, etc, etc, etc. There's tons of information on exactly 'What' to do to get more power, and that info is supported by a great deal of 'Why' as well, so, you can learn as you build!

A brilliant book for the DIY Minor Modifier, great for the learner, and I think maybe even the Purists will get something out of it.

Author David Vizard
Title Tuning BL's A-Series Engine
Publisher Foulis / Haynes
First Published 1985
ISBN 0-85429-732-4

Morris Minor & 1000 (OHV Saloons, Travellers & Convertibles)

By Ray Newell

Ray Newell is one of the most knowledgable people on Morries around today. He's been in the Morris Minor Owner's Club in the UK, Events Co-ordinator and Secretary of the Midlands branch.

The book is a fairly thin hardcover book of 56 pages, with lots of photos (7 pages in colour), buying tips, spec sheets, history and period road test reprints. It's generally a good book and covers a wide range of late model Minors, including racers. It's not one of the best Minor books I've seen, but if you can find a copy at a reduced price then it would be a great for the coffee table or toilet bookshelf for that quick and not too involving read.

Author Ray Newell
Title Morris Minor & 1000 (OHV Saloons, Travellers & Convertibles)
Publisher Foulis / Haynes
First Published 1982
ISBN 0-85429-331-0

The Minor Enthusiast

Featuring Minors from Australia, Britain & USA

By Paul Kelly

With a heavy emphasis on Modified Minors, this soft cover book of 56 pages contains lots of photos and details on Modified and Standard Minors from around the world. There's 'How To ...' sections on Datsun Engine Conversions and Rust Repairs, and plenty of awesome Modifieds to keep any Minor Mania! surfer happy!

This is the kind of book you should always keep handy, ready to show around to stiffle the giggles of those non-Morrie people around you that just haven't woken up yet. This book will make them say "People do that to Morrie Minors?!"

Author Paul Kelly
Title The Minor Enthusiast
Publisher Minor Publications, 1989
First Published 1989
ISBN 0-949398-64-0

Guide to Purchase & DIY Restoration

Morris Minor & 1000

By Lindsay Porter

This is another of those books that really should be on your bookshelf. It is chocka full of what to do and not to do when rebuilding your Minor - to original specs.

There's the obligatory Minor history section and buying tips, but the real value of this book is in it's extensive and extensively photo'd DIY section. Just about every part of the car is photographed and anotated with useful hints & tips. And the work is done on cars like yours and mine (well, mine anyway!), that is, looking like they've been driven daily for the last 30-40 years!

There's an excellent tech spec section covering not only the mechanical bits, but also upholstery colours, styles, body paint colours and types.

Author Lindsay Porter
Title Guide to Purchase & DIY Restoration of the Morris Minor & 1000
Publisher Foulis / Haynes
First Published 1985, Reprinted 1988
ISBN 0-85429-442-2