Lowlites, Splitties, Thous and Millions Lowlites, Splitties, Thous and Millions
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Free Stuff

Here's some stuff I did in my spare time at work (just kidding, boss! ...).

I spent HEAPS of time creating these just for you, so, download them, install them and have a Minorised Desktop!


Bad Obsession
Morris Logo OnlyBuster
38k - 800x60021k - 800x60061k - 800x600
Moose the TravellerEarly ModelsNorman Minor
50k - 800x60086k - 800x60048k - 800x600
90k - 800x600146k - 1024x768 130k - 566x708

Cursors and Icons

Rotating Minor - use as the Busy cursor

Cursor of the Month - 2nd Place

1000 Saloon

1000 Van

1000 Traveller

Recycle Bin (Empty)

Recycle Bin (Full)

"Startup, Idle, Rev, Idle"(190k)

"Wirrrrrr, Wirrrrr"(118k)

All files have been verified on Windows 95 / 98 / NT4.0 / XP

Virus checked, spyware-free, no responsibility, provided 'as is', yadda yadda yadda