Lowlites, Splitties, Thous and Millions Lowlites, Splitties, Thous and Millions
Lowlites - Splitties - Thou's - Millions

The Rules For Car Maintenance

Give her a good 'going over' at regular intervals.

Grease her nipples well.

When running her in - break her in gently.

Her clutch should not be too hairy.

Wax her body all over.

If you should strike her rear-end - say 'sorry'.

Check her 'Load Bearing' capacity - too much weight can impede her performance.

If she loses her spark she may be suffering from high tension troubles.

Never take her too fast up the 'straight'. Warm her up gently first.

Keep fingertip control at all times.

Her big ends should be kept well oiled.

Dont leave your tool hanging about.

Give her a re-bore when necessary - and a good grind in.

If she sags when climbing give her a boost and see if she's got any good points.

Check her body for blemishes and touch her up where necessary.

Remember - If you can't get it in first - Don't force it.