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Morris Minors Across America

For a look at how Morris Minor enthusiasts are 'doing it' in the States there is no better video available. Which on the face of it isn't really saying much since there is only one USA-based video about Minors - but the point is that this really is a good piece of work, giving an interesting insight into how the Minor has survived in a country not idealy suited to a small under-powered saloon from across the Atlantic.

Morris Minors Across America is 80 minutes of interviews with Minor enthusiasts across the country, from California to New York and Hawaii. Interesting details on how the Minor was marketed and sold in a country where cars larger than your living room were the norm are also shown in the form of enthusiasts' personal collections of period adverts and dealers' signs.

There's Rick Feibusch in Southern California with his '62 convertible and the obligatory big-breasted bikini-clad skaters doing the beach-front cruise. There's also Bill Savinsky with his 350cu Chevrolet Camaro-powered pickup

But wait, there's more! Jansen Morgan recounts her days of driving her beloved Beatles-tribute saloon in the Seventies, which sadly is now either a phone booth or a couch in her lounge. There's also the longest pickup you've ever seen, and, completing the video, Tom Cotter take us Classic Racing and explains why Morris Minors are great sex ...

Morris Minors Across America is available from British Car Films, PO Box 13862, London N4 3WB, or visit them at www.british-car-films.com