Lowlites, Splitties, Thous and Millions Lowlites, Splitties, Thous and Millions
Lowlites - Splitties - Thou's - Millions

Video Clips

All of these videos were downloaded from the likes of YouTube or Google Video

Here's some video clips I found online of Morris Minors. There's everything from overheating engines to drifting around wet roundabouts. Some are from the TV, some are really crappy quality, and some don't even feature the Minor ... but they all have a Minor or at least parts of Minors in them somewhere!


Minor in Malta

D'oh! The engine blew!

Iron Lady

Flaming Exhaust

Blown Head Gasket?

Street Sleeper

V8 Minor on the racetrack

Turbo Traveller

Handbrake Turn ...

... and onto the towtruck

(one handbrake turn too many?)

Nic Mann's awesome V8 methanol-fueled Minor

- it's faster than a Ferrari!

Twig Record's new promotional car

- what name will they give their Moggie?

The Wingdicator

Wingdicator Testing

Morris Minor Day

- at the Crich Tramway Village, Derbyshire, UK

Ryan's V8 - 01

Ryan's V8 - 02

Ryan's V8 - 03

Stupid Quick
... as seen in
the Radical Gallery

Supercharged 1275 A-Series

Rolling a Police Car

0-60MPH in ... how long?!

Yellow V8 Cruise-By

V8 in Reverse

MotherOfGod V8

Venting steam beside the motorway.

What can you get in your boot?

Mega Burnout

Drifting a standard Minor!

Tiff Needell, from Top Gear and 5th Gear, shows that not only is the Minor a great little car, but it's fun on wet roundabouts

Chris Evans on how to pick up chicks.

Morris Minor

- a video history

And the winner is ...

The Morris Minor was voted the most British vehicle ever made.

A Dutch van

Charlecote Park 2006

The members of the MMOC Midlands are feeling a bit damp...

A Traveller drive-by

Morris Minor and The Majors

This 80's music video takes the piss out of white rap bands like the Beastie Boys. It's pretty bad, but it did make it into the charts in the UK and it features a nice red Minor lowlite. And plenty of c.c.c.c.rap

BMC Factory Films - The British Motor Car (1963)

Archive footage featuring Minis, 1100s, and tractors - no Minors :(

BMC Factory Films - Quality (1962)

Archive footage of Minis, Wolseleys and 1100s being drowned, frozen and scorched - no Minors :(

BMC Factory Films - The Markets of the World (1961)

Archive footage of how the BMC is a world class car manufacturer (sic)

1959 Earls Court London Motor Show

The new Mini (where are all the Minors in these old videos??!!)

1960 Earls Court London Motor Show

1961 Earls Court London Motor Show

1962 Earls Court London Motor Show

1963 Earls Court London Motor Show

1964 Earls Court London Motor Show

Morris Minor clips from Bad Taste

Years before he did Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson made alien splatter movies in the hills around Wellington, New Zealand. Here are some clips of the Morris Minor that features in his movie Bad Taste.

At the Panelbeaters ... for SIX years

'Fair Go', the long-running TV show/campaigner for consumer rights in New Zealand reviews the case of the Minor that's been in the shop getting some rust work done for over 6 years.

Driveway Stall

JOGLE 2006

John o'Groats to Land's End - one end of the UK to the other in a Morris Minor


... with no carburettor connected?

Cruising on the motorway

Dartmoor Holiday

Holiday driving on Dartmoor in a red & white convertible.

Ebay Sale Video

Pre-Sale video of the same convertible

The Beardmore Bros at Harewood

The Beardmore Bros take one of their custom Fiat-powered Minors up the Harewood Hillclimb.

London to Barcelona

Driving the London to Barcelona rally in a 1959 Minor 1000

The road's-eye view
... of a Traveller reversing over it (of course, what else?!)

The Morris Minor Garden