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The Morris Minor is one of Britain's best loved vehicles. Over 1.6 million of them were made during 25 years of production - the first British car ever to sell that many. And it's no wonder with such a wide range of models to choose from - there's the two-door and four-door Saloon, the drop-top Convertible, the family Traveller, and the load carrying Van and Pickup.

First sold to the public in 1948, a Morris Minor in good condition can still be a practical, safe and reliable little car today. And thanks to the many Minor Specialists around the world and to it's enthusiastic owners, a Minor can be improved and personalised well beyond anything that the designer, Sir Alec Issigonis, ever dreamed of.

New Video Clips 06 Mar 2016

There are lots of video clips of the Minor available online. But lots of them disappear too never to be seen again. Unless I've spotted them and snagged a copy for Minor Mania that is!

I have revamped the Video Clips page and now host all clips on Minor Mania, complete with its own media player!

Just what it says on the tin ... lots more video clips have been added to the ^localurl^?id=2119&catid=10">Video Clips page, including the Most British Vehicle news item, a Traveller driveby, the MMOC on a damp day at Charlecote Park, BMC Factory promotional videos,  and a yellow van somewhere in Holland...

But my favourite so far has to be the Morris Minor Garden!

Minor Catastrophe 06 Mar 2016

It's orange.

It has blue flames and 880 horsepower.

It's a beast and is probably the closest weve had to a BMC Rating of 10!

It's Mike Sigman's 'Minor Catastrophe'!

Back from the dead? 06 Mar 2016

Minor Mania went offline for a bit there, didn't it? It looks like some nefarious web bots have discovered how to corrupt my image thumbnails and it screws up my code. May the emails of a thousand spambots be forever in their inboxes.

This is a series of nostalgic photographs all of which contain, somewhere, a Morris Minor. There may be only one, or there may be more. It's kind of like a "Where's Wally?", only with wheels, and without the stripes. How long will it take for you to find all the Minors?

Now with 7 new pics from Glasgow!

Lil Mo is Badass Cute 06 Mar 2016

Mike Jusek's Minor is a 60's style Gasser that the local guys think is "badass" whilst the girls think it's "cute". Could you live with a label like that?

The 'Pimp My Ride' Minor has featured in the Custom Gallery for some time now, but until moggiemadman John kindly uploaded the episode to Minor Mania recently I had never seen it except in those three pics.

But now I have - and you can too by checking out the complete episode of the Pimp My Ride Minor. Thanks John!
Be warned though - the video is 175Mb !

Minor Blueprint 12 Oct 2007

Here's a German 'blueprint' of a 1956 Minor 1000 4-Door showing the wheelbase dimensions and cutaway outlines of the major parts.

(3327x1942, jpg, 780k)

Minor Tattoo 12 Oct 2007

Some people like Morris Minors - some people love 'em!

Are you game enough to get a tattoo of your Moggie on your back?

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