Wild Spirit
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Snake Goddess 

July 2002

This is my first ever Bead Art Doll.

She has the triple spiral representing the triple aspect of the Goddess (Maiden, Mother and Crone.) The whirled pattern of the cobalt blue and purple beads are like the concentric rings of an ancient tree.

On the back is the Sacred Snake rising from the Root Chakra right up to the Crown Chakra. You can see all the gemstones relating to the 7 main Chakras on the back of the snake.

The gemstone beads I've used are Garnet (Root), Tigers Eye (Sacral), Amber (Solar Plexus), Rose Quartz (Heart),Turquoise (Throat), Lapis Lazuli (Third Eye) and Amethyst (Crown) right on the top of her head which is hard to see in this pic.