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Dance of Life/Harvest Goddess 

November 2004

This is a two-sided Goddess Doll which is stuffed with coffee beans.

The Dance of Life is beaded in earthy tones to show from where she came.

She comes dancing out of the ashes, the fallen leaves and the dirt, her copper toned Labradorite face shining with joy.

Labradorite symbolises creativity.

To create anything worthwhile, you often have to get a little dirty. Out of the blood and sweat and tears a baby is born. Out of the rubble a beautiful flower grows.

She is the Mother giving birth to the new life. The golden frog on her torso symbolises the fetus and the coffee bean charm symbolises the Sacred Gateway of Life

The Harvest Goddess demanded I make her of bones. She is the escort, the guardian, the crone, the destroyer. White is the colour of death and the autum leaves symbolise the dying off and end of our time on the earth plane.

Although her face is a little scary at first, as I beaded around her and got used to looking at her face, I saw her compassionate smile and gentle eyes. She is not to be feared. She is here to help us on our journey to rebirth.

The silver butterfly symbolises the soul that she guides to the other side to be reborn in the unending, regenerating cycle of life.

I want to share a few things about the making of this doll:

I made the doll form sitting on the kitchen bench in England, the house emptied of furniture ready for our trip home to New Zealand. It was going to be part of a pair but mice found her 'twin' and destroyed her.

I found the Harvest Goddess' face on a beach one day several years ago just as it is. I can only guess that someone sat on the beach and scratched out the crossed mouth and circle eyes with a shell. I'm so glad that it has finally made it onto a Beaded Art Doll.

Also two bracelets were taken apart for use on this doll. Kind of neat when you think about it. From their destruction, something beautiful was born.

This piece was created for the Bead Art Forum's Brown Challenge - November 2004

She is 9" tall.